My Perfect Day In Paris

Since DJB was the one asking the question and knew his answer right away, I decided to write about his perfect day first. If you missed it, you can view it here

Now, after some serious thought I came up with my version of the perfect day in Paris. The day was extra amazing because it also happened to be my birthday and it was really warm outside. So here goes...

The morning started out with a traditional breakfast on the patio of a Le Bouquet de Grenelle, a cafe close to our place. This included a croissant, bread with butter and jam, a cafe creme and orange juice. We very rarely eat breakfast out (most of the time due to the fact that by the time I am ready to go, its usually lunch), so it was so nice to sit and enjoy our food soaking up the sun while doing some people watching.

We then proceeded to work off the thousand calorie breakfast by walking to the second destination of the day. We passed some of my favourite sites along the way including Pont Alexander Bridge, the Grand Palais and the river bank, which was flooded with people on this beautiful day.

Where was our second location you ask? That would be the Jardin de Luxembourg where we enjoyed some rose and good reads. Since it was Sunday there were barely any news stands open so the ones that were had no English fashion magazines, therefore I had to settle on this French trash magazine instead. I can't complain. It was only 1 Euro!

Of course we weren't the only ones with this idea as it was the warmest day of the year, so the park was swarming with people. We didn't mind at all though, as we enjoyed our wine, reading and people watching.

We then headed to the Montemarte neighbourhood, to one of our favourite holes in the wall, Le Rendez Vous Des Amis where we ate a tasty cheese plate, baguette and some white wine to wash it down of course. We also splurged on a couple of glasses of champagne because a birthday would not be the same without it!

By this time it was getting pretty late and cool so we couldn't finish the day with the last item on the agenda which was having a picnic for dinner by the river. Instead, we ran to the top of the hill by Sacre Coeur to watch the sunset. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of that. I did get some pictures of what I ate instead though. Only on my birthday can I get away with eating candy for dinner!

It was an amazing day to say the least and my definition of a perfect day in Paris.

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  1. that definitely is a perfect day! i lived in paris for a short time and loved sitting in the jardin