Layers and Lady Liberty

Trench - Talula Babaton: Pants - Morgan; Boots - Expression: Vest - H&M; Gloves - Venice: Necklace - Stella & Dot

One of the many things that Parisians are good at is layering. They somehow manage to throw on several layers, including a button down shirt, oversized sweater, fur vest and extra long scarf and still come out looking effortlessly chic. This is something I have yet to master as piling on several layers makes me look and feel frumpy most of the time. On this particular day though, I tried it out but just with two layers. It was a bit chilly and I knew a trench coat wouldn't do the trick so I added the faux fur lined vest over top. Parfait!

These photos were taken on the Grenelle Bridge which goes over the Île des Cygnes, an island in the river Seine. Located on the island is a replica (although smaller in size) of the Statue of Liberty which looks towards the Atlantic Ocean and hence towards its "larger sister" in New York Harbor. Pretty cool, I think!

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