Yves Saint Laurent - The Biopic

Aaaand we are back from Portugal! Unfortunately we came back to a flooded apartment so my planned post will not be happening today as we have to deal with the circumstances. Fortunately though, all of our belongings were spared and we just had to endure one sleepless night at a very seedy hotel. Splendid Hotel, if you are reading this, our experience at your establishment was quite the opposite of your very misleading name! Portugal week will be in full swing next week so make sure to check back!

Anyway, a little while back I had the opportunity to watch the Yves Saint Laurent Biopic with some lovely ladies. The movie was in French with no subtitles but not to worry, I was prepared. I Wikipedia'd his life story so was able to follow along nicely! Here's the trailer (with subtitles) for any of you who are interested in the man behind this major fashion house.

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