Coastal Portugal

While making our way from Porto to Lisbon we stayed in a couple of small coastal towns. Visiting these places during the low season is a great time to experience coastal Portugal on the cheap.

Aveiro is called the "Venice of Portugal" which may be an oversell. It does have a few cute canals and bridges but I think the best part about this place is the beaches and therefore isn't at its best during February. We enjoyed our night here. DJB had a man cold so it was a good place for him to rest.
For some strange reason there were really filthy paintings on the boats in the canals.

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the city of Nazare. Nazare is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

You can take a funicular up to another town called Sito where you can get a spectacular view. Unfortunately for us (but not for our waistlines) the funicular was broken so we had to walk all the way up the hill.
This place is also home to a world famous wave that surfers try to surf in order to break world records. Some very unsuccessfully.
There is a great bar that overlooks Nazare, after our long trek up the hill we decided to splurge and spend a whopping 5 euros on this:

Of course when you are by the sea, you must eat seafood. Our favourite dish from Portugal was a type of seafood stew (with Monkfish). I'm so hungry right now just looking at it!

One more Portugal post left. I've saved the best for last! See you on Monday.


  1. Oooo never been to Portugal but the towns and seaside do look very beautiful!

  2. I really enjoyed this post! It took me miles away...Wish I were in Portugal! Your beautiful pictures make it look lovely. :)

    That Curious Cat

  3. Thanks! I'm fortunate that it's really hard to take bad pictures of Portugal :)

  4. They are very beautiful, and I wish you could scratch and sniff the food picture!