First Day of Spring

Okay...Sunday wasn't the first day of spring but it sure felt like it. The sun was out and the wind was light. People flooded the parks and streets to take advantage of this glorious day. It was also free museum day (first Sunday of every month) so we decided to hit up two free venues. Thanks to some advice from Kim, we headed to Notre Dame to climb the free tower and enjoy the spectacular view. Unfortunately, they closed the line seconds before we arrived :(
Although we didn't get to great view we wanted, we were treated to some great "spring" scenery.
The City of Love...
Left and right banking it.
Our second free event was the Musée d'Orsay. We arrived later than planned and it was hot and busy. We were grumpy so we decided to rip through it and come back another time. We did manage to see the Van Gogh section and sneak this picture of Starry Night over the Rhone (not to be confused with Starry Night).
During our walk, I noticed this carved into a wall.
Perfect timing, because we're leaving for Portugal today!

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