WCFW Starts Today!

If attending a New York, Paris or Milan fashion show is on your bucket list (I know its on mine!), then you will thoroughly enjoy Western Canada Fashion Week here in Edmonton. Shows are on a nightly basis from March 21 - 28 at the TransAlta Arts Barns. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door or by phone at Tix on the Square. There are also various other fashion related events around the city. You can find more information HERE.

I attended a couple of the shows last year and was really impressed at how great they were put together. Wcfw is a wonderful event that showcases local designers, stores, salons, makeup artists and models, just to name a few.  There was a also a musical element to each show, which was a nice touch.  

Unfortunately I will be away this weekend and unable to attend any of those shows, however am planning on going to the Monday March 25th and Tuesday March 26th shows. I am extremely excited to be sitting front row this year, in the blogger section! I encourage you all to experience at least one show this week. If you like all things fashion, this will definitely be your cup of tea! 

Image via www.hotel-britannique.fr

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