The Yeggies Are Happening on May 4th!

They have a legit venue (Shaw Conference Center), host (Trent Wilkie) and will be rolling out the red carpet.  I also hear there will be fireworks and ghosts! You can see for yourself below.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm invite to all of my CMB readers, if you happen to be in the Edmonton area on that date. Tickets are a tad steep, at $40 if purchased in March and $50 after that, but its a great way to support a local event...and CMB of course! You can purchase your tickets HERE if you're interested.

Also, here is a little more information about the event, if the fireworks and ghosts haven't won you over yet (per the ticket website)...

Celebrating the best in Edmonton New Media, the Yeggies are Edmonton's first ever social media awards show. Hosted by writer, actor and comedian Trent Wilkie, the evening will involve hors d'oeuvres, drinks and a lively program that not only rewards the city's best new media content creators across eleven different categories, but also pokes fun at them and the whole Edmonton social media community.

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  1. Hey Joanna! Saw your comment regarding the Tibi dress - they sent me a 2 and a 4 (for length) since I'm 5'9. The 2's length was great. I might have been able to go down to a size 0 but the length might have been scandalous. ;)

    Thanks for the question! xo