The Higher The Heel, The Closer to God?

Those that know me, know just how much I love wearing high heels! I wear them in all types of climates. Rain, shine, snow, fog, hail, you name it, I've got heels on. I also sometimes accidentally inappropriately wear them to places where flip flops or running shoes may have been a better option. Oops. 

The pressing question is then, how high is too high for work? I would be extremely happy if I could wear these beauties to work...

Images via favim.com and Pinterest

However the practical and professional side of me knows that these would probably be a better choice.

Images via rebeccaminkoff.com and freepeople.com

Ladies, save those sky high heels for the weekend if...
1) the heel is higher than 4 inches
2) you can't walk a full block in them without wobbling
3) the platform is higher than 1 inch
4) they are any kind of sandal (peep toes are okay)
5) they resemble something a pole dancer would wear

That being said, don't be afraid to wear heels that...
1) are bright colours
2) are an animal print
3) have ankle straps
4) are wedges
5) have capped toes
6) are metallic
7) make you feel like you can conquer the world!

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