CMB Spotlight: Karina

It's about that time again for another CMB Spotlight!

This edition features a fellow young professional, but has a bit of a twist. Karina is a teacher by day and a custom jewelry maker by night. She also happens to be four and a half months pregnant! Instead of rummaging through her closet to pick out an outfit to feature her in, she asked me to help her shop for some new items.

Karina was looking to spice up her wardrobe with some hip and trendy pieces that were also professional enough to wear to work.  She also wanted items that could be worn as her belly grew and things that could be worn after the baby is born, when she returns to her normal size. She wasn't asking for much, really.

Although this seemed like it might be a daunting task, it was actually easier than I thought, partly because Karina was game to try on whatever I gave her. It was also easy because of the fads out there right now.  Lately, the stores have been filled with flowy blouses, loose blazers, leggings and oversize sweaters.

The first outfit I have Karina in is one of those flowy blouses, in a soft mint colour. I added a leopard print belt cinched above the belly which added that hint of trendiness that she was looking for.

Blouse - Aritzia; Tank - RW&Co.; Belt - Sears; Leggings, Booties and Jewelry - Karina's own

Outfit number two consists of a cobalt blue blazer, a simple white tank underneath and a bright coloured clutch.

Blazer - Aritzia; Tank - RW&Co.; Clutch and Cuff - Mine; Leggings  Booties and all other Jewelry - Karina's own

For more information on Karina's custom made, Rox On jewelry visit her website HERE and her Blog HERE.

What is your work dress code? Teachers are professional and are therefore supposed to dress professional.  I do strive to adhere to this dress code but considering I have to teach phys. ed to 37 grade one and two students everyday I still have to find clothes that are practical.

What are some challenges that you have encountered being pregnant and dressing for the workplace? Comfort! It's hard to find that balance between being comfortable and fashionable.  Some days when I'm not feeling my best I tend to choose outfits that make me feel cozy but maybe aren't the most stylish.  Finding clothes that can do both of these things is a major challenge. 

What is one thing that you learned about dressing for work during your shopping trip with Joanna? I learned that adding little things to an outfit like a belt or a layered sweater can really change a look.  Adding these things can also make it look like you spent way more time putting together a great outfit than you actually did!

What was your favourite piece that you bought on your shopping trip and why? My blue Aritzia blazer! I usually play it safe in the colour department so when Joanna suggested this beautiful blazer I was a little leary. But after seeing how well it fit and having Joanna go over the endless outfit possibilities I was sold.  I love it! 

Anything else you want to share? Joanna really helped me step out of my confort zone and opened me up to different styles and colours in my wardrobe.  She was so patient and spent the time finding clothes that not only looked good on me but that would grow with me over the next few months.

Thank you Karina for letting me do my thing and being so easy-going about it!

Credits - Photo's by Yvonne Ho. Styling and makeup by yours truly.

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