Boyfriend Pants: Day to Night

Many of you have heard of the boyfriend jean. These are defined as loose fitting, rolled up, comfortable, worn and torn jeans that could have very well been pulled out of your man's closet and thrown on. They are also the inspiration for my post today.

(Photos by Yvonne Ho)

Pants - Laundry by Shelli Segal (Winners); Peplum top - Zara; Blazer - H&M; Belt - Loft 82; Pumps - Nine West; Necklaces - Tiffany & Co.,Swarowski (Gifts); Watch - Bulova (Gift); Cuff and Earings - Unknown
I bought these bright red pants one lunch hour in a frenzy and after I wore them for the first time, realized that I didn't really like how they fit. They were too long, not nicely fitted and reminded me of old lady slacks.  I came home disappointed about buying them in such a haste, but was determined to style them differently so that I would want to wear them again. This is where the boyfriend jean came into play. I thought, if ill fitting, baggy jeans could be made to look stylish, why couldn't a pair of work pants? All I had to do was roll the legs up a couple of times and the frumpy old lady pants transformed into trendy work pants! I added a neutral coloured blazer and a couple doses of animal print to complete the look.

Another great thing about these pants is how easily you can dress them down. If you want to transform them from day to night, simply add a denim jacket and any kind of clutch. Another animal print? Why not!

Denim Jacket - Only (Urban); Clutch - Nine West


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