Winter Work Wear

Because the majority of my readers live in climate where the winter's are long and fierce, I'm providing a few easy tips on how to stay warm at the office while still looking stylish and professional. 

1 - Plain and simple, wear a sweater. There are so many over-sized sweaters and cardigans out there that look great with slim fitting pants or leggings. One fad that I am really into right now is the aztek sweater. These geometric patterned flowy cardigans look great as is or cinched at the waist with a belt.

2 - Throw on a scarf. A scarf is not only a great accessory in winter but will also keep you toasty warm at work on those cool days when the a/c decides to blare instead of the heat. Does this happen at anyone else's office? There are also so many different colour's and style's of scarves out there which makes matching to outfits effortless.

3 - Insulated booties, aka boots with the fur. Invest in a couple of pairs of warm, lined boots. The shoe stores are swarming with many different types, styles and materials.

4 -Space heater. I know this is not fashion related but my space heater at work has been a godsend! These tiny little miracle boxes are fairly reasonable in price and last quite a long time. 

(Photos by Yvonne Ho)

Sweater - Dex (The Bay); Tank - BCBG; Leggings - Dalia Collection (Winners); Scarf -  Unknown; Boots -  H&M;  Belt - J. Crew; Earrings and Bracelet - Rox On by Karina Miller (check out her blog HERE)

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  1. Cute outfit!
    Great combination of clothing and accessories.