Preppy In Polka Dots

I got bored of wearing solid coloured pencil skirts to work so snatched up this one as soon as I saw it went on sale! 

I used to be afraid of wearing anything too out of the ordinary to work but since I started reading fashion blogs and browsing Pinterest on a daily basis, I find that I am more attracted to the items that are not considered your typical office attire. I did initially have to get over the fact that co-workers would give me the once over if I came to work wearing something loud or different, though. I think as long as your skirt isn't too short or blouse isn't see-through, anything is fair game for work, unless you have a strict dress code of course. Stick to wearing one 'out of the norm' piece and pair with a classic item. 

(Photo's by Yvonne Ho)

Skirt, Blouse & Necklace - Jacob; Tights - Winner; Shoes - Nine West; Earrings - Unknown; Watch - Bulova; Bracelets - gift and Rox On by Karina Miller


  1. Beautiful outfit, very chic! Perhaps we could follow each other?

    xo Lulu

  2. Hey just found your blog. Your top is amazing, I love the colour.
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