Casual Style Inspirations

There are a handful of ladies out there whose style always leaves me impressed. I'm not talking about their glam, red carpet looks either. Instead, these ladies' casual day to day looks are the ones that I am dying to emulate!

Image via People
Image via Coolspotters
Kate Beckinsale definitely knows how to rock some casual ripped jeans. Do I even have to mention that her hair is always perfect too?

Image via nunuk92.tumblr.com

Image via oliviasstyle.blogspot.ca
Leather pants and fur vests may not be what you and I consider to be 'casual' but for rich, over privileged socialites like Olivia Palermo, this is as casual as it gets.

Both images via celebritystyleguide
Red leather pants on an airplane? Why not. Ashley Tisdale can pull it off.

What do you think? Which celebrities have the best style? Leave a comment and let me know!


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