Lovely In Leopard

Many ladies out there are afraid to wear animal prints, especially if it’s anything other than a blouse. Animal blouses are quite prevalent for women in the business community. Animal printed skirts or pants on the other hand, are not so common.  We have been trained for most of our professional careers to wear solid coloured bottoms. This may be because solid black, navy and grey are associated with professionalism. Cheetah or leopard print, not so much. These patterns may cause Peggy Bundy or those ladies from the Real Housewives to come to mind. Not the most professional associations.

In order to look more business woman and less cougar, follow these three simple rules.

1.       Ensure that your skirt or pants are not too tight.
2.       Wear a loose fitting blouse on top, tucked in ALWAYS.
3.       Pair animal printed bottoms with solid colours on top. Bright colours are encouraged if the animal print is black, brown or grey.

(Photos by Yvonne Ho)

Blouse - Zara; Skirt - Calvin Klein (Winners); Purse - Matt & Nat; Belt - J. Crew;  Pumps - Nine West;  Bracelet - Rox On by Karina Miller; Tights - Unknown Brand (The Bay)

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