Dress To Impress: Office Holiday Party

Ah, the time has come upon us once again. With the holiday season in full force it’s time to start thinking about what to wear to the office Christmas party! Holiday staff parties are great for interacting with co-workers in a non-office setting and showing your colleagues just how well you can clean up.  Although some men do enjoy putting on a nice fitting suit, it’s mainly the ladies that take this opportunity to get all dolled up in their sexy dresses and mile high stilettos!  This is where things can get tricky though. There is a fine line between looking classy and professional and looking skanky (for lack of a better word).

Keep these things in mind when planning your party attire, assuming a semi-formal dress code.
1.       Choose one area of your body to show off/expose. If you are wearing a shorter dress, cover up on top.  If you opt for spaghetti straps or sleeveless, choose a longer dress.
2.       Leave a little to the imagination and cover up those ta-ta’s. No cleavage!
3.       For a more classy look, wear your hair up.
4.       Match your jewelry. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a set but stick with either gold or silver shades, not a mixture of both.
5.       Go for a bold makeup look.  Dark lips or a smokey eye are great evening looks. Just maybe not both at the same time!
6.       No boots or booties. Choose to wear pumps, open toe shoes or strappy sandals.
7.       Sparkly nails!

(Photos By Yvonne Ho)

Dress - Lori Michaels Collection (Winners); Shoes - Michael Antonio (Winners); Necklace & Serpent Bracelet - Stella & Dot; Earrings -  Aldo


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