Reader Question - Work Appropriate Boots For Canadian Winters

I recently received the following question from a reader.

Love your blog Joanna. Great ideas and tips.
I as well have to bus it downtown to work everyday. I would love to see something on footwear for winter. I wear heels everyday, as I am only 5 feet tall. In the Winter it seems like I wear the same black 3" heel boot everyday. I'm sick of them. I swear 1 day I am going to break my neck running for the bus when it's icy out. I need something practical for winter, still look good and not make my pants drag in the snow. Any ideas? 


As a matter of fact, Heather, I do happen to have a few ideas for you! If you're looking for something other than your usual black boot but also want practicality for these cold, snowy, Canadian winters, you should try a cute pair of ankle boots with grips. I found these on Beyond the Rack but this lace up style can be found in pretty much any store that sells shoes right now. This boot goes far enough over your ankle that it will keep the snow out and the grips on the bottoms will give you more traction on those icy sidewalks. They're also not black, which you mentioned you're sick of.  The heel is tall enough that your pants won't drag in the snow and it looks like there is some insulation on the inside to keep you warm. These boots are not only practical, but also stylish and very appropriate for work in the winter!  Try changing things up and wearing them with leggings and a big comfy sweater on those really chilly days!

Here are a few other options that I came across...

What I like about the ones above is that they have a thicker heel but give the illusion of a thin heel.  They also have grips on the bottoms and are not your typical looking boot.  I would try a different colour than black for the pair on the left. These are both from Pravda.

Another option is to go with a wedge heel. The one above has a rubber wedge as well as grips. It will still prevent your pants from dragging as well as make you less likely to fall than a regular heel. You can find these at Town Shoes.

Hope this helps Heather!

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  1. Gorgeous boots!!! Following you now too!