Ich bin ein Berliner!

After Vienna, we were off to Berlin. DJB was in charge of taking pictures. He took a total of 12.

We were only in Berlin for 3 nights, which was definitely not enough! Apparently Berlin is 8 times the size of Paris. That's a lot of ground to cover. On the surface, it's not the most beautiful city (it was basically destroyed after WW2), but you never find your self thinking it's ugly. It's super cool and really casual. Oh, and it's about 8 times cheaper than Paris :)

Of course you can't go to Berlin without visiting the remnants of the Berlin wall.
...and the Brandenburg Gate! Michael Jackson dangled his baby in a hotel right behind here.

Berlin is haunted by it's Nazi past, but they don't hide it. This is the Jewish Holocaust memorial.

This is another part of the Berlin Wall near to where we were staying.

Berlin! I'll be back...so that DJB can take some pictures.

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