Dress - H&M; Sandals - Boutique in Lyon; Belt - Club Monaco; Earrings - The Bay; Sunnies - Thessaloniki; Bracelets - Pandora and Rox On 

We have been in Greece for a few weeks now (Thessaloniki, Athens, Rhodes, Lindos and Kos) but I actually purchased this Grecian inspired dress in Vienna, from the most non-Greek store imaginable.  A couple of friends and I ran around the city on our last day, frantically looking for things to buy. The one item on my list that day was a light coloured flowy dress that I can easily throw on during the day or out for a nice dinner in Greece. After no luck at all of the European stores and boutiques, I turned to the always reliable and affordable H&M. This dress was perfect for the hot summer days and nights on the islands (it doesn't really ever cool off here) and I plan on styling it a bit differently with some sexy heels and a blazer once I'm back to (colder) Canada. I do kind of wish I had held off until we reached Rhodes and Lindos to purchase a dress because they had some very authentic ones there, but I did end up buying a few other nice Grecian things that I plan on wearing on the blog soon! Keep checking back in the next couple of weeks for those outfit and travel posts. As always, thanks for reading!

These pics were snapped outside of our cute hotel in Rhodes City.

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