Gritty and sketchy. That's what we heard about Athens, but after travelling Europe for a year I can say that Athens is not the grittiest or sketchiest place on the continent. In fact, it's a great city to visit. Not to mention, it's extremely hot in the summer. After experiencing my first snow fall in over a year on Tuesday, I could use a blast of that +35 Athens heat. 

It's hard to miss the Acropolis. High above the city, it's begging you to come visit. Make sure to bring a lot of water!

After your visit to the Acropolis, you'll definitely need a beer.

We spent 3 nights in Athens, which was a perfect amount of time. Sure you'll see grit, spray paint, and sketchy people, but you can see those in Paris too. After Athens, it was time for some island hopping. A few more Europe posts, then it will be on to something different for CMB.

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