The only other time we were in Belgium was on a bus ride through it on our way to Amsterdam. Our time is winding down in Europe so we decided to take advantage of the quick and cheap (10 euros each!) bus ride and spend a few days in Brussels. We debated about going to Bruges, but I decided I didn't want to hear DJB's Colin Farrell impression for hours on end. 

Brussels is surprisingly multicultural and to be honest there isn't that much to see compared to other European capitals. One could easily see the main sites in a day (which is what we did). For me, the best thing about Brussels is the food, beer, and relaxed attitude. We also had a giant room in an old mansion so that also adds to the experience. 

The main square is beautiful, and the old town is certainly worth a stroll.

Our B&B was a 30 minute walk to the centre. It was a cute little area with a large Arab community. 

For some reason there were knitted pole covers everywhere in our neighbourhood.

 Of course you can't go to Brussels without seeing something Tin Tin related!

And eating waffles! There is no such thing as a Belgian waffle in Belgium. If you're eating a waffle in Brussels it's either a Brussels waffle or Liege waffle. We had both, but I prefer the Liege waffle. This is a Brussels waffle.

This is a savoury waffle that I'm sure only tourists eat. Nonetheless, it was delicious!

 Belgium is also famous for their Fries (don't call them French fries, they get angry).

 ...and of course....there is the beer. Belgium produces all kinds of different beer, but the most unique is the Lambic beer. It is a beer made from naturally occurring yeast. It is VERY different from any other beer that you've tried.

We even went to a Lambic beer brewery. It stunk, but the beer was good (although like I said, very unique).

Of course the best part of these tours is always the tasting.

This was one of the most unique restaurants we've ever eaten at. Not to mention it may be the best seafood I've ever had. When we left a tip, the entire staff broke out into a song. You can tell they are cheerful by the way the waiter is cheering in this picture.

And we arrived back in Paris just in time to unpack and pack again for the Basque Country tomorrow.

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