THEIT - The Bossi Bag

Ever since I was gifted my very own DSLR camera, I went on a search for the perfect camera bag. I knew I didn't want a frumpy, duffle-like tote complete with a million zippers and pockets. I also knew that I could find something a little nicer looking than the typical camera bag but I had no idea I would ever come across this.

All Photos by Yvonne Ho
This is probably the best camera bag a fashion blogger could ask for and quite honestly, I wish I had come up with the concept myself! Not only are there compartments designed to fit your camera and all of its accessories, it fits all of your everyday girl necessities snug as well. It is a camera bag in disguise and I am in love with it! 

The Bossi Bag can only be purchased through the website. Visit it at www.lovetheit.com to see more styles and find out about how Nicole Fajardo, founder and director of THEIT, came up with the concept!

 Some highlights about this amazing camera bag:
  • It's aesthetically gorgeous. I have had several people comment on how nice it was without knowing it doubled as a camera bag.
  • It's super light. It may not look it but it really is, which is nice as you don't want any extra weight to carry around, in addition to your camera
  • The strap is comfortable. It definitely does not cause your shoulder to ache after a few hours of carrying it around.
The THEIT Bossi Bag, as with all new products, does have a few downfalls. There aren't that many and they aren't a huge deal, but they are worth mentioning as this bag may be considered pricey for some.
  • The bag is on the larger side which may not be the most ideal for carrying around on longer excursions.
  • The zipper when opened, could be quite sharp. I noticed if I wasn't careful placing items in and taken them out of the bag, I would wind up with small scratches on my hands.

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  1. I have to check this out! I am also searching for a camera bag! Thanks for sharing!